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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antares
B for Ben Sisko
C is for Captain in the Star Fleet
D is for Data
E is for Engineering. Where is it and does Scotty have a brewery there. Maybe just a still.
F is for Ferengi Marauder
G is for Grand
H is for Herpes, Space. (Kirk probably got them, and shared them liberally.)
I is for Intrepid class
J is for Jellico, Captain
K is for Klingon cleavage
L is for Lurry, Mr
M is for Mugatu bite
N is for Nebula (class starship)
O is for Opera, Klingon
P is for Pavel Andreievich Chekov. Ensign. Navigator of the USS Enterprise.
Q is for Quadrotriticale
R is for Ro Laren
S is for Spock's pants
T is for Tandarans
U is for Unique
V is for vulcan.
W is for "We'll Always Have Paris"
X is for Xindi Death Star
Y is for Yeoman. As in where are all of the hot yeoman in the new movie?
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