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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Actually, the Eli remaining was how the ending was re-written after they got the cancellation word. The original ending to the episode, had they believed the show were going to continue would have had everyone in stasis except for Young and Rush. The two would agree to a coin toss to decide who would go into stasis and who would remain outside. The episode would have ended with the result of the toss not being revealed, thus being the cliffhanger.

I'm serious.
Thank you for this, wormhole. VERY interesting stuff.

Part of what we crave in entertainment is to see life as we would like to live it, or as we would want it to be for others. SGU didn't paint a rosy picture. Many of the characters were flawed in a number of respects. Not every day in life is entertaining. Not everything fits together so that we feel like the status quo is upheld. This is what I think worked well for SGU. Some of the unintentional flaws worked, tying into the whole trying and difficult situation.

I agree with RoJoHen. The Destiny crew would never get home. They had the luxury of being able to keep virtually in touch, but that was all. This was a whole new life in a galaxy far, far away. Their ultimate destiny was to be separated from the hive of human civilization forever. But, their importance to humanity would be so great. The information they would relay back home would help Earth and humanity survive all the present day obstacles, giving the human race a chance to one day have a shot at ascension.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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