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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Anyway, the thing is... we really don't quite know if Eli DOES know how to fix the chamber. That's what's so great about the ending. There's this uncertainty... did he really believe he could do it, or... did he sacrifice himself so that no one else would have to?
Knowing that the show was supposed to continue, there isn't much uncertaintly about what would have happened to Eli.
Actually, the Eli remaining was how the ending was re-written after they got the cancellation word. The original ending to the episode, had they believed the show were going to continue would have had everyone in stasis except for Young and Rush. The two would agree to a coin toss to decide who would go into stasis and who would remain outside. The episode would have ended with the result of the toss not being revealed, thus being the cliffhanger.

I'm serious.
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