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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Funny thing happened on Qo'nos today while I tried to RP for a name for my new ship.

"My fellow warriors! I need a GLORIOUS name for my new battle cruiser!"


"Now why would I want a fed-de-ray-shun name for my ship?"

"Its the name of Darth Vader's own ship. "

After a barrel of bloodwine, I decided to christen my ship I.K.S Puqbe' vo' wo'
The Federation translation would be "Daughter of the Empire"
That's cool.

Don't remember if I posed this question before, but I'm looking for a name for Jasmine's Vo'vuq Carrier. The ship is HUGH and deserving of an epic name. I want to include a word that means green such as Chartreuse, Emerald or Green. Then one of these words or something similar: Lady, Virperess, Wench, or Witch.

So, I'd have something like Chartreues Lady for example. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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