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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I agreed with Angel's decision not to have his pain taken away and that it is a sort of lobotomy, but thought it was interesting that Angel was saying that, since it's pretty much what he did to Connor. Or rather, he went even further with Connor, removing all his traumatic memories and replacing them with fake, happy ones - practically remaking him into Connor 2.0. I wonder if this will be mentioned at any point, or is it building towards some sort of resolution later in the season? (There are also people who think that Gage didn't even notice the irony, but I have more faith in the writing team.)

Drusilla saying that soulless people "tend not to feel pain" but that she did anyway is funny since she just seems to be repeating what she's heard, since her own experience is very different. We know that it's not true - besides Drusilla, Spike was an obvious example, and we've also seen James (from "Hearthrob"), Harmony, Darla and even the Master show emotional pain (the Master cried when Darla died). They may not be tortured by conscience since they don't have one, but they sure feel emotional pain for other reasons.

I always thought Drusilla was a lot more rational than people gave her credit for, so I don't think this Drusilla is such a departure. She still has no conscience ('soul') so she doesn't think there's anything wrong with all the evil things she did in the past or that Angel(us) has done, but she's always had a good sense of self-preservation so of course she would try to fit in the new world in her own way. Drusilla always had the reputation of a masochist, but she obviously she doesn't value emotional pain as much as Angel does.

It's interesting that so far we've had people offering to cure physical ills (the Mohra blood) and now to cure psychological pain (the Lorophage demon).

Judging by the cover for #9 Daddy Issues part 4,

"The abused kid becomes the abuser". Angel would know about that - it's the story of his life. He had an abusive father and daddy issues of his own that he has never resolved. Story of Faith's life, too, when you think of her behavior in her evil days. I wonder how bad her dad was back in the day? We know that her dead mother used to hit her. How much was her dad even around? How much are we going to learn about her background? A lot of people think there have been hints on Faith's behavior that she was sexually abused at some point.
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