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Re: TOS On MeTV?

Up until the 80's sometime, every syndicated station was left to cut their own. WPIX in NY sliced haphazardly, making some episodes incomprehensible. However, WTNH in Connecticut ran them uncut with next week's previews. WTXX in CT had limited cuts. So they all got them complete, The stations decided how much to keep.

In the mid-80's, I remember an announcement on WPIX that the series was being withdrawn "and the Enterprise was undergoing a refitting" or something and the series would be back soon. When it returned, the new prints were precut. I read Phil Ferrand's "unsyndicated" thingy and I never ran into them. WPIX and WVIA both had all 79 episodes edited down. I don't know if Paramount/CBS provides pre-cut episodes anymore. They may have put that back in the hands of the syndie stations.
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