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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Man, that looks like some great stuff coming. I hope DStahl's not yanking our antimatter chambers!
Yep, sounds really good.
Own starbase for the fleet(s), that is something to look forward to. That can be very useful for fleet parties and so on. I hope they include somesort of PvP area inside, so we can have hand-to-hand combat tournaments.

I have been playing quite a lot recently, despite the lag I am getting already often enough.
My engineering toon Zalarza was promoted to Rear-Admiral yesterday and I have now a Star Cruiser. I currently trying to gather some dilithium to get some new consoles and weapons for her. I am try to get my shields as good as possible.
I also created couple of new toons, a Caitian tactical and a Bajoran engineer. I am not playing these, because I want to have some toons to play with as soon as my new comp arrives.
I am also planning to get some bridge packs from the C-store. I am planning to replace the escort bridge of my Fleet Escort with something else, most likely with one from the Miranda bridge pack. I also want a proper bridge for the Star Cruiser...perfectionist as I am.

My engineer has one of those golden Cardassian boxes, so maybe I will buy one of those master keys also.Though that will be the one and only I will get.
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