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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Justice League #6: Rao help me...but I liked this issue. I think this was the best issue of the first arc to be honest. I didn't get an epic feel from it or think it was special, but it was decent. Not surprised to see George W. Bush since this took place five years ago in the timeline. The line from Superman about seeing the multiverse and seeing himself was maybe the most interesting aspect of the issue, I'm thinking this was a reference to the DCU, which possibly means it isn't entirely "gone". So Bruce randomly unmasking ended up being pretty useless as I thought. He could have still gave the pep talk to Hal without unmasking, and go save Clark. Finally...was that figure at the end meant to be Ra's?? Are we going to see a new Legion of Doom under his leadership? I only mention Ra's because of the shadow behind him on the wall, resembled his Demon's Head mask. I did not recognize the little silver lapel or the icon. I'm assuming we're meant to. Also an author names the team? Are we supposed to know who he was as well??
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