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Re: Courteney Cox: Babe of the week #10 (Mar. 2012)

Yoda wrote: View Post
Once upon a time she was up there, but it's been over for a while. Down.
Plus there's, well, you know...

I'm going with.... Sideways.

And that's after seriously contemplating a genuine "down" vote all on looks. The pictures up there are mostly good but there was a period there during "Friends" where she was rail-thin and constantly had a look of matted, greasy, pitch-black hair with no highlights or variation in it. It was not a good look, toward the end of "Friends" she sort of got some looks back but, I dunno, when she was thin she never looked as "toned" as Jennifer Aniston did when her weight went down/redistributed as the her and the show got popular.

CC most often just got skinny and anorexic looking.

The pictures up there mostly look good and from what I've seen of "Cougar Town" she looks good, and she's a funny enough actress that she made Monica somewhat bearable.

So, yeah, Sideways.
Out of hope.
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