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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I have a small problem.

I made a Klingon Engineer back during the Anniversary event and got him one of the Bortas packs.

I haven't touched him since. I'm going to have Miikka focus on some Diplo DOffs for a while so I thought I'd try him out in the meantime. Well it turns out I don't really care for Engineering, especially ground combat. It's just building stuff. I like shooting!

I could reroll him as a TAC, but then I'd lose the Borta (which I really want to keep) and from what I was able to gather on the forums, this game isn't real big on GM rare item swapping.

Any ideas?
You could suggest to Cryptic that they sell an item in the Cstore that would allows you to Un-bind items. They should sell like hotcakes no matter how expensive. I just saw another game started selling something that functions similar in nature.

Of coures ships in STO have never been transferrable. Which is a shame because most ships below RA are only used for a short time.

What are you trying to accomplish with your character? Most Tac characters can't tolerate the slow turning radius on the cruisers. (Engineers use Beams and Turrets) Perhaps the Siege Destroyer is what you're looking far.

(from an older SpiderMitch ship chart)
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