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Re: Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions review thread (spoiler

Apropos of nothing, and please forgive the thread necromancy, but...

I'm discovering the works of Billy Bragg, and I just listened to his rendition of "A Pict Song" (lyrics from a Kipling poem) from his album William Bloke. And it really reminded me of Rise Like Lions -- especially this part:

Yes -- and we little folk too
We are as busy as they
Working our works out of view
Watch, and you'll see it some day

No indeed! We are not strong
But we know of Peoples that are
Yes and we'll guide them along
To smash and destroy you in war

We shall be slaves just the same?
Yes, we have always been slaves
But you -- you will die of the shame
And then we will dance on your graves
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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