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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Which one did you write? (If you mind me asking...)

I personally find Powys interesting since they are (or were?) a very small, family-owned, independent book company, and they were(or are?) able to get writers to create stories for a prominent licensed product.

From what I understand, they have original titles by authors as well.
Lonemagpie = David McIntee. He wrote the good one.

In addition to the Space: 1999 line, Powys has also published two books based on The Prisoner (one in a tiny run of a few hundred copies that's virtually impossible to find). I have both, but haven't gotten around to reading them yet. They have also published one non-tie-in novel.

The owner of the company is also a musician, and his band/project have published a number of recordings through Powys.
Ahhh....! So, he's Mr. McIntee...

Yes, I do recall Powys had some Prisoner novels as well....which I would also like to read someday. Of course, Daddy Todd, if you get to them before I do please post your recommendations on the boards so I can see which ones to zero in on...

Also, I think it's interesting that Powys published music under their own label as well. (They have control over their own stuff, which includes the novels. That's awesome).
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