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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Jonathan Hickman is concluding his epic Fantastic Four run at the end of the year, we of course already knew about Bendis leaving Avengers...I really hope someone equally as good as Hickman (don't know who that would be at Marvel) takes over on Fantastic Four.

Just finished reading Avengers #23 and New Avengers # 22. While I might be the only one actually enjoying the Hammer War arc, I still feel like this should have been the end point of Dark Reign instead of Siege. Norman has once again been able to use the media and manipulate the public's (for all the Avengers have ever done for the people, you'd think they'd be more smarter than this) perception of the Avengers and turn them into a mob. He has also managed to get the United States government (Obama has really been written in a bad light in this lol) to negotiate with terrorists (Hammer, AIM, Hydra, etc) and essentially bow to their demands so far. Same old Bendis stuff. I don't know why I continue with this. Peter is essentially useless comedic fodder in both books. You'd think that since we're dealing with Peter's greatest villain, that wow, he'd have a more important role instead of Bendis giving lame one liners and making him seem like a moron. Also Luke allows his personal feelings to compromise his leadership of the New Avengers too much.
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