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Re: A new superhero: possible?

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Hancock was probably the biggest effort to create a "new superhero" in recent memory, it cost a ton, and its hook (a generic superhero, except he starts off a drunkard!) just wasn't enough to grab people.
Hancock made $624.3 million worldwide and was the fourth highest grossing film of 2008. It grabbed people just fine.
D'oh! That's more than I thought. Still, just because they saw it doesn't necessarily mean they liked it, or ever remember it one bit.
Like me. I saw it and thought it was pretty meh. It alternated between being funny and being insightful and wasn't enough of either.

That said, creating a new hero's easy. The trick is in the writing. He or she can be as unique as all get out but if you don't have the plot and story to go with, it's pointless.
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