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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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I've said this before, but how a decision based on looks leaves you keeping Garrett Wang and sacking Jennifer Lien baffles me.
Agreed! Although I don't have any particular problem with the Harry Kim character - I would have selected Kes over him in a heartbeat.
The People magazine poll Wang won signalled to the producers and to the studio and to the execs at UPN that he could deliver eyeballs. That's why they kept him - because they had nothing to do with Wang being nominated or chosen for that "50 Most Beautiful People" poll, but they [UPN] weren't going to turn down free press for their flagship show.

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but the studio said no to having ten regular cast members.
Ah, so that's presumably why DS9 was allowed to have Worf, since there was initially only eight regulars.
Apples and oranges. Just because DS9 did it, it doesn't necessarily follow that Voyager could. And vice versa.

Worf was brought in to shake things up (much the way Seven of Nine was) and also to service the larger storyline involving the breakdown of relations with the Klingons during DS9's fourth season. And while yes, it's true (mostly for budgetary reasons) that each show only had a certain number of regular cast members, I doubt very much it was the defining reason behind Lien's being let go.

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I think DS9 were given a lot of leeway to do what they liked in comparison to Voyager where the interference from the company was the stuff of legend.
The major difference being that DS9 was a syndicated show and Voyager was not only on an actual network, but was that network's flagship series. I've worked on both a syndicated show and am currently on a network show - and you better believe that the level of input, influence and "interference," as it were, is absolutely everpresent when an actual network is involved.
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