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Re: Why wasn't Chakotay more aggressive and assertive?

Just because Chuckles doesn't want other bastards to own land, it doesn't want mean he wants it.

I had a large theory I can only remember a fraction of, but basically, the most excellent terrorists, you know, suicide bombing for the cause fanatics, can't Captain Starships just like hippies selling flowers at the airport for heavenly father shouldn't be allowed to fly f15s. Maybe they're not morons, but the best terrorists probably can't even work on a starship as anything more complicated than a deck swabber because maybe the Maquis are highly trained posturban spaceprofessionals and maybe they're highly trained pastoral farmers...

It was probably Chakotays ship? Is it more likely that Chakotay brought a ship to the cause and they had to make him a captain, or that they gave a man like Chakotay a ship even though he couldn't be trusted to go for blood when the Ruling Quarters of the Maquis really needed to go for a body count to get their point across, just because he could make sure the thing got from a to b and didn't blow up during the course of which?

Remember when you were a kid and you'd play sports. Some times you'd have to let an asshole, or someone who's shit at the sport play on your team because he owned the ball... And other times you let the kids who are ten times better than you play because they were ten times better than you and you would win, even if it meant that you never got to touch the ball because you were ten times worse than them...

I think if Chakotay didn't have a political officer, then most likely there was a secret political officer who answered to the Maquis directly and had the authority to demote or kill Chakotay for the good of the cause if Chakotay started making stupid decisions.

He had two spies working under him, why not 3?
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