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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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One more and I'm taking a break for a day or two.

The USS Samuel B Roberts [NCC-2413] is christened after the destroyer escort of the same name which fought in the Battle of Samar for the 20th century United States Navy during Earth's World War II.

The ship and crew were part of a task force assigned to protect the flank of ships landing American amphibious forces during the Battle of Leyte. Communication errors resulted in the task force being cut off from reinforcements and facing a far superior opposing force of battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Despite being heavily outgunned, the Roberts threw itself at the enemy vessels, scoring multiple hits at extremely close range and remaining engaged for over an hour before finally being sunk. The shipbecame known as "the destroyer escort that fought like a battleship".

Well armed, fast, and known for both reliability and ease of maintenance, the Roberts-class destroyers are popular with their crews. Ironically, the most ardent enthusiasts are Andorians, who seem drawn to the "romance" of the class-ship's story, and a large number of the 70 Roberts-class hulls serve in units of the so-called "Blue Fleet".

---excerpt from Jayne's Fighting Starships, May, 2285
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