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Re: Did TNG have too many characters at first?

I actually don't think they had too many characters at first, because they hadn't really even developed the actual format they would eventually employ. They hadn't yet chose a chief engineer. It was a big mystery as to how the kid would be used

Frankly, had Tasha remained, I could see Worf falling back a slight bit, maybe more like how Ro was featured, but they might have still put in some of the Klingon arc, because he would still have been the major "outcast" alien aboard, like Spock had been on TOS

It would appear they didn't feel they had enough after Crosby left, because they added Whoopi Goldberg in a small role. I think the show was rather malleable early on, & they could have done pretty much anything they wanted, so long as they kept it balanced, with a fairly large dependance on Picard, & Data

I do think it worked out for the best though, because they ended up developing a format which was rather tight knit, & since Worf is in the top 3 best characters on the show, & with more mouths to feed (Lines to) he might have suffered some in development

But consider this, some of the development sacrificed might have been the stuff most people don't like anyhow, with Alexander & whatnot
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