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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

I thought SGU was the best sci-fi show I'd seen in years, so yeah, I loved it.

Looking back with some hindsight, I feel a lot of people just have an allergic reaction to whatever they dislike, so the fact that the show wasn't happy-go-lucky automatically made it "NuBSG" to a lot of viewers, except no, it really wasn't. It was realistic. A realistic scenario is going to share similarities with other such scenarios, but in no way was SGU "NuBSG" at the core. It was something a lot better in fact, that had some real vision, and was revealing itself layer by layer to be the most serious stab Stargate had ever taken at significant science fiction, as opposed to "science fantasy" or "pew pew lasergun adventure".

I feel that all of the meaning and impact in the second half of season 2 wouldn't have been there if it weren't for the long, patient set up of everything that came before it. That doesn't mean it was perfect. There were filler episodes here and there, but not as many as people claim. I was sold on the show from the opening trilogy of episodes, and was more or less shocked at how many people were damned and determined to not get the show or what it was trying to do.

The only real missteps that he show made for me, besides a couple of absolute filler scripts, were in taking a little too long to settle in to a dramatic rhythm - concepts like musical montages were not bad in the abstract, but they were used haphazardly and sometimes too many instances were used back to back to back.

But it got really strong by the end of season 2 and had found its footing.

If it had to die before its time, I did appreciate the ending that the team had time to assemble. Bittersweet as hell, but open in just the right way, with a fantastic final scene.
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