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Re: TOS On MeTV?

It's getting so much worse. Shows are down to 41 minutes and there are plenty of on-screen "I show" animated ads, some with sound, being plastered over "in between commercial breaks." It's really impossible to sit back and enjoy a show like we used to unless it's on a premium channel.

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Great concept. Terrible execution.

I remember some of those abrupt, rapid commercial breaks. They got on my nerves pretty badly. I'm happy they showed the entire uncut episode, but with all the commentary and commercial breaks the flow of each episode was sullied. It was hard to enjoy the restored, enhanced footage when 30 seconds later you'd get a Chevrolet or Trix ad popping on the screen.
The best format for airing classic Trek for me was back in the 80's when a local PBS station, WVIA Channel 44, played them three in a row on Saturday nights - uncut with no commercials (they also ran uncut Lost in Space on Saturdays). It was great seeing them like that and really gave me another reason to look forward to the weekends. They ran them like that once or twice, then replaced them with the Paramount "pre-cut" versions. Remember those episodes? I'd love it if they ran them that complete now. But it was annoying, because without commercials, there wasn't any reason to cut them. But I guess Paramount insisted and at least I got to record a bunch of the earlier episodes before they were pulled.
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