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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Getting sick of this laptop eating my posts.

I love Rejoined. It's one of the better ROTW yarns, and I would have it more as a four star episode myself. I was just so into Jadzia and Lenara's plight, especially since I was still in the closet when I first saw it. I was happy that Trek took a stab at a same sex couple, and was even more happy when it was about the most irrelevant part of the episode.

The Emporer's New Cloak comes across as a bit cynical on the matter though; or perhaps it's me after all these years. The mirror universe is so strange and dangerous, so is that why the only other example of a same sex relationship in Trek is in that evil place?

To be fair, that episode was just badly written all round. And it's also way away in season seven.
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