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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

34. Photographic Memory (A)

Photographic Memory: Ross McElwee's latest documentary film is typically excellent, which was a welcome relief considering (a) he was in the audience for this screening and (b) the trailer was pretty messy. On the surface, the film is rather straightforward: a father has trouble relating to his adolescent son, so he decides to revisit the place he lived in when he was his son's age (a town in France), and to try and reconnect with the people he knew then (mainly, his love interest and his mentor of the time, both of whom he hasn't contacted since leaving France). On a deeper level, the film offers a meditation on the ephemeral nature of photography and memory itself, as well as McElwee's more personal crisis as a filmmaker (moving from analog to digital). It's a beautiful documentary, and the filmmaker's most personal film since Time Indefinite. McElwee is 66, but hopefully he has many more films left in him (and, also, they get released on DVD).

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