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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I finished this one a couple months ago, but I decided to post my thoughts once I saw the thread was hot again.

I was rooting for this book because it was Geordi-centric and every since I saw Captain LaForge in "Timeless" I've been wanting to see Geordi in command. I can say that the book delivered on having Geordi in command, if only briefly (too briefly) and it also brough Leah Brahms back into his life and ended with him promoted, so those were all good things. I'm not a Brahms fan, though I like the idea of Geordi having a relationship. And the author finally told us what happened to the Hera. Though I wonder why Aquiel or Geordi's father or sister didn't make an appearance since the book had few qualms about cameos.

Though ultimately I was disappointed with this novel. It felt like two different stories awkwardly put together. And I felt there were too many TNG characters (and Nog) just thrown in there. Though it was good to see Bok and Rasmussen, I felt Bok particularly was wasted. I did like the idea of Sela's half-brother, though I felt Sela wasn't really necessary for this story, despite her ties to Geordi. Perhaps the Romulan Bochra Geordi helped saved in "The Enemy" would've been a better choice, and keeping with the Geordi-centric theme.

I also felt that the main mystery, alien antagonist (s), or whatever wasn't fully exploited. Things just sort of ended, and it felt anti-climatic.

Another thing that irked me was Geordi forgetting the face of Dr. Harstad he had just began dating in Paths of Disharmony. I can see him moving on, especially since he carries this thing for Leah, but forgetting what Harstad looks like? Just felt unbelievable to me. I also think the relationship with Leah also felt a bit odd in terms of how it happened. I think what made it work was the character's appearance on the show, especially "All Good Things" since I knew that she and Geordi would be married in a possible future. But it didn't work in the novel for me because at first she was standoffish and somewhere along the way they wound up together. I wish more focus had been placed on how that came about, though let me repeat that I am glad it happened, for Geordi's character growth. In many ways this novel was a love letter to Geordi and I appreciate the author for doing something long overdue in that regard.
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