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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

I didn't like that Janeway was 'removed'.
I really liked her as a lead role on Voyager and found her to be a strong character on her own.
That said, the TrekLit novelizations in which the Borg invade the A.Q. (prelude to the Destiny trilogy) certainly made it look like she was 'dead'.
But the same novel ('Before Dishonor') actually shows us lady Q taking Janeway's consciousness with her to apparently explore the universe (and honestly, we don't know if lady Q might have salvaged her physical body as well).
I must say I found it interesting to see lady Q taking an interest in Kathryn, but then again I did kinda like her as a character when she made an appearance on the show during the Continuum civil war scenario.
It was unexpected, but refreshing.

Point is... 'Janeway's ending' in 'Before Dishonor' still leaves an open option for her to be 'brought back' - but I also think it might 'cheapen' it if she returned as a regular human.
Nah... it would be interesting for her to come back in a different form (an ascended Human of sorts - Trek alluded to this possibility) to guide Voyager for example.

The Caeliar in the novels indicated there were other hostile and technologically advanced species elsewhere outside the Milky Way.
Remember how Q offered to the Enterprise-D to be the 'guide' in 'Q-who'?
Why not do something similar with Janeway and have her make an appearance to 'guide' Voyager (but not necessarily 'help' by providing a 'Deus Ex Machina' solution to a problem)?
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