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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Been busy buying financial stuff over the last few days; our FY ends in April, which reminded me I hadn't got round to buying any ISAs (basically a tax-free savings scheme, for non-UK readers) this year so I had to do some research to decide what to get to use up this year's allowance. I'm generally moderately bullish on equities in the medium-to-long term but I've been buying quite a bit of those already since the lows of last year so rather than dump more into them, I split the allowance 50:50 between a capital-protected cash ISA yielding a guaranteed 3.7% per annum, and adding to a self-select equity ISA with a large-cap stock with a similar dividend yield and potential for moderate growth if my prediction re: the medium/long-term outlook is correct. At some point, I really need to get round to transferring everything to the care of my existing money guys to run it all as one single diversified portfolio but I've got a few financial loose ends to tie up first so I figure this is a good way of marking time until I can get round to really streamlining everything.
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