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We have always had a ship's computer in every TV series & movie of Star Trek.
In TNG we had Data an Soong-type android equipped with a sophisticated positronic brain capable of artificial sentience.
It's quite possible we will see computers like M-5 multitronic unit but also humanoid robots if a timeline before Soong-type androids are introduced.
Beyond an android VOY had a Emergency Medical Holographic program (EMH Mark I) and Emergency Command Holographic program (ECH) which allowed for added programming to be capable of artificial sentience.

Will we have artificial intelligence computers instead of just sensor reading ones? AI like EDI from the Mass Effect videogames with
ability to act independently and interact on a social level with the crew- not unlike any other sentient being.
or the film Supernova's (2000) computer Sweetie, or the film Red Planet (2000)'s computer Lucille, or the film Moon's (2009) computer GERTY 3000.

I'd like to think that Star Trek can create a character that is AI since we've already had an android & a EMH program as principle characters who had artificial sentience.
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