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Re: TOS On MeTV?

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SciFiChannel's approach stunk.

In one case (and I plainly remember this) they actually came back from a break, ran about one minute of the episode, and then went into another break.

They were cutting in where no breaks were intended, the whole thing was a mess.

People got so disgusted, the ratings dropped terribly.

Right in the middle of the second go-round (this time with Nimoy hosting instead of Shatner) they dropped the "Special Edition" and the following week suddenly we were back to host-free, edited episodes in a one hour timeslot.

Nimoy was ticked royally. He'd filmed his host segments first, and Shatner finally agreed to come on board later. SciFi ran Shatner's version first, and so a huge number of Nimoy's segments never aired.

The "Special Edition" was never seen again.
Great concept. Terrible execution.

I remember some of those abrupt, rapid commercial breaks. They got on my nerves pretty badly. I'm happy they showed the entire uncut episode, but with all the commentary and commercial breaks the flow of each episode was sullied. It was hard to enjoy the restored, enhanced footage when 30 seconds later you'd get a Chevrolet or Trix ad popping on the screen.
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