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Although I have faith that this won't be the case, am I the only one concerned that there's been so much attention given to the whole multiplayer arena combat aspect of ME3 (an aspect I have no interest in, preferring solo gaming especially in RPGs - and yes I consider ME to be a "real" RPG) and virtually nothing about the story aspects, the voice acting, etc? I know the information is out there if I go hunting (there are references in this very thread, of course), but for example I've yet to see any article or preview mentioning whether, for example, Yvonne Strakovski reprises Miranda or Martin Sheen comes back as Illusive Man. I suppose it could be considered a spoiler, maybe. But even in the gaming store yesterday all I could see were promos for the multi-player (of course the PS3 packaging is useless because they cover the back with disclaimers and technical info so you never really get an idea what these games are about anyway). And based on my experience over the last month playing ME2 that's not what it's all about (any more than I'd be interested in arena multiplayer for Half-Life 2; Team Fortress remained in my copy of The Orange Box uninstalled).

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