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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

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I'm guessing they may test shooting the pilot in stereoscopic digital 3-D HD video resolution (1080p). This is why I think so.
after reading Roger Ebert's review of Titanic 3-D re-release
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"Titanic" was not shot for 3D, and just as you cannot gild a pig, you cannot make 2D into 3D. What you can do, and he tries to do it well, is find certain scenes that you can present as having planes of focus in foreground, middle and distance. So what? Did you miss any dimensions the first time you saw "Titanic?" No matter how long Cameron took to do it, no matter how much he spent, this is retrofitted 2D. Case closed.
This makes the case for shooting the next Trek TV series in 3-D to protect for a future 3-D release.
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