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Quick update for anyone in the UK or Ireland affected by Game situation. In a nutshell though: - for the CE, Amazon,, and Zavvi are all sold out, though they're saying Blockbuster, Gamestop and Sainsbury's still have some left.

No word at all on the CE's exclusive pre-order DLC, only that the N7 wargear pack is available for those that pre-ordered the standard edition from Zavvi, & They also have a *massive* list of retailers that are stocking the standard edition, so most people who want one shouldn't have too much difficulty.

As I said, they've not said anything about the N7 wargear, or even the Argus (which is a bit odd in and of itself) for the CE pre-orders, but I suspect that's because since the CE was previously *only* available from Game than all of the CE's will come with it. At least that's what they bloody well should do. Personally I only wanted it just to see what my femShep would look like in that ridiculously bulky armour.
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