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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Gives a nice place to sink all those Prototype Borg Tech drops that keep disappointing me in the Elite STF runs. Better than nothing, but pretty much running all purple Mk XII Antiproton DHCs and Quantums now (with a pair of rear turrets), so running out of things to buy with them. Have started dumping them into making a cruiser beam boat with the spares, just to have something to put them into. Heck, my backup escort is running with a full loadout of the MK XI purples, got all the castoffs when i upgraded the primary. Too bad there's not a better method of recycling these things, seems a waste to put all that time/credits into something, and basically just throw it away when you upgrade. Would be nice on another toon, or if they could be traded back in to the STF vendor to try something else of equal value...
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