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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Finally got around to watching this, mostly due to lack of interest. It actually started off well with the showdown between Rick and Shane, since they don't really talk much about this stuff between each other in the books. Having Rick be ok with the murder was interesting. But it kind of degenerates from there for me.

First of all the absence of the rest of the cast was painfully noticeable. One or two I could get, but just about everyone was missing. But they cut the budget and wanted more zombies, so this was the way to do that, fine. But why is the writing getting so bad?

Andrea basically forces her views on suicide on everyone else by convincing Maggie to leave her sister. So she understands that people need to work through it or off themselves, but ignores the fact that the tragic death of her sister was what brought her to that point in the first place and she carelessly sets up the death of someone elses sister. Nice one.

"The single most painful thing in my life, the very thing that made me want to kill myself, I'm going to try my best to recreate that for a stranger that has shown nothing but kindness to me thus far."

I mean, it's one thing to have an opinion on the matter, it's another to get someone to leave on false pretenses so things can go the way you think they should go. How about minding your own fucking business? You know, the very thing she was trying to tell Dale? In fact Andrea (or the writer) forgets that had Dale given up, Andrea would be a pile of ashes at the CDC. Kind of hard to "work through it" when you're dead right? But then she's proven right so I guess it was totally ok that she did such a horrible thing.

Even though Herschel was wrong about the walkers, he didn't try to force any of them to go his way. He just told them to follow his rules while on his land which seems pretty reasonable. He never went out and stopped them from killing zombies off the farm. Even though Herschel and his people have been doing a much better job at surviving than the main group, they decide that they're right and everyone needs to follow their lead.

Actually the whole groups encounter on the farm seems to follow this theme. The main cast survivors have only brought pain and death ever since they got to the farm, yet they walk around being self righteous all the time because the writing always backs them up. The main survivors all seem to be horrible people doing horrible things because they think they're right and the rest of the poorly written characters kind of just go with it whether it makes sense or not. At least someone called Lori out on some of her rampant stupidity, but that overall exchange was just so poorly written. All we really learn about lori is that she's stupid and that Andrea is a c**t. It just blew my mind that after shooting all the walkers in the barn, that night they're all just eating dinner in the house with looks of mild annoyance on their face as the family that they ruined serves them dinner. Talk about bad guests.

I was willing to let some of the quick changes in characterization and idiotic choices go as the transition to the new show runner, but it's three episodes in and it's only getting worse. Rick just sounds like a moron as he drawls on about "we may need ta kill him, but ah neeeeed ta sleep own it." Shane and his repetitive fuming. Lori... being more Lori. The next episode with the execution debate just looks so hackneyed and dumb. Plus they're still on the fucking farm! The only hope I have for this show is that it's popularity makes someone pay to put Y the Last Man on tv.
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