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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I found a rudimentary combat log parser for STO ( It only count the number of hits and misses, total damage done per weapon and from that calculates average damage per hit. Here is how my Prometheus class MVAM is performing in elite Infected (Space)

Quantum Torpedo - 9,479 dmg/hit (24% crits)
Quantum Torpedo (High Yield II) - 6,787 dmg/hit (7% crits)
This looked strange to me until I remembered that High Yield shoots an average of 3-5 torpedoes so while each torpedo hits for less damage, the number of torpedos adds up to a lot more damage. Thank goodness I invested a lot of skill points in weapons accuracy. If one of these high yield torps misses its target, it can potentially neuter High Yield''s advantage.

Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid DHC - 1,372 dmg/hit (13% crits)
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid DHC (Rapid Fire I) - 1,353 dmg/hit (0.3% misses, 5% crits)
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid DHC (Rapid Fire II) - 2,203 dmg/hit (6% crits)
Nothing much to say here except I <3 my hybrid weapons. It would be good to verify if these hybrid weapons are indeed better than the STF awarded weapons. So I am going to do another Infected run with a full set of Antiproton DHCs and Turrets.

Disruptor Turret - 278 dmg/hit (0.2% misses, 10% crits)
Disruptor Turret (Rapid Fire I) - 262 dmg/hit (13% crits)
Disruptor Turret (Rapid Fire II) - 396 dmg/hit (10% crits)
Antiproton Turret - 228 dmg/hit (9% crits)
Antiproton Turret (Rapid Fire I) - 215 dmg/hit (9% crits)
Antiproton Turret (Rapid Fire II) - 360 dmg/hit (0.6% misses, 15% crits)
I am in the process of switching from Antiproton turrets to disruptor turrets so this is a nice chance to compare the two different energy types and oh my, what a difference! Disruptors turns out to outperform Antiprotons. This may help explain why Disruptors cost so much more than Antiprotons in the exchange.

Scratch that, I just realized why there is a difference in damage between disruptor and antiproton turrets. My ship is equipped with 2 Mk XI Disruptor Induction Coils that increases disruptor damage. So ignore what I said about disruptors being better than antiprotons. :P

MVAM Photon Torpedo - 747 dmg/hit
MVAM Phaser Array (Overload II) - 241 dmg/hit
MVAM Phaser Array (Fire At Will II) - 38 dmg/hit
MVAM Phaser Array (Target Shields II) - 26 dmg/hit
MVAM Phaser Array (Target Weapons II) - 25 dmg/hit
As expected, the multi-vector assault mode does not really deal a lot of damage. What surprised me was the number of skills that got employed, including skills like beam overload and beam fire at will that none of my BOFFs have.
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