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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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After last night's STF run I think my Excelsior build still needs a bit of work. I'm not getting the DPS out of it that I want and I seem to be more effective in my Sovy, even though the Excelsior is supposed to be setup specifically for the Borg.

I'm working on a Prometheus MVAM build for my tac toon to use in STF's that that should be cool too.

Patrick O'Brien wrote: View Post
^No mention of a new Feature Episode after the current one finishes? Any word on when the next one will begin?
The start date of the next FE hasn't been announced yet, but should be coming later in the year.

I wondering what the event on the 23rd is going to be.
I can send you my Excelsior Refit layout later. It doesn't hold up in PvP, but against PvE it's almost unstoppable. I found a screenshot last night where my engineer and another player had just taken out the Borg Command ship on the Borg Incursion. He can almost defeat the ship by himself.

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