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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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People who have read the books are the exception.

The rest of the filth don't know why they know these characters because the identity of Holmes and Watson has been programmed into them form a hundred different directions inadvertently by a living zeitgeist the size of human conciousness.
And yet there's a whole generation who likely think Holmes was created a couple of years ago simply to give Downy Jr a franchise where he didn't have to wear a metal suit

I think CBS didn't help the Sherlock comparisons when they hired Miller to be honst, given he's spent the last year or so alternating Frankingstein/the monster with Cumberbatch on stage.

I think what bugs me the most about this is that I'd be far more interested if Liu were playing Holmes. Much like Cumberbatch (and Matt Smith) she gives off a very distinct "Not of this Earth" "Not like everyone else" vibe. I think Miller will be a v bland Holmes by comparison--in fact we might see a situation where Watson is far more interesting
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