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I talked with two people that play STO on their laptops with dialup and they say play is okay. Don't try that when a patch is required though.

I've played on my laptop but only at home using the home wireless network.

Anyway, take care and talk with you later.
Since my computer died, I can only play with a laptop, and as my router is too far from where I have my laptop, I'm always connected through wifi.

So I play STO, Anarchy Online and World of Tanks (not at the same time, mind you) with my laptop through a shaky (at best) wifi connection.

Performance only depends on your laptop features and the available internet connection.

Mine is an i3-370 CPU with four gigs of RAM, running W7-64. I also checked when purchasing that the video card was decent for playing (ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470), even if it was at mid-to-low settings. I purchased it about a year ago for 470 euro.

It was a second-line machine performance wise, and today, as it always happens, is even more behind the state of the art.

But you can play STO with it.

I honestly grow tired of the "I only have a laptop to play" excuse.

A lot of hotels offer wifi, some even for free, so that it's not an excuse, either. And for occasional play, you can always go to an internet cafe o a library, and play with a headset to avoid making noises.

Nowadays, the "laptop" is not an excuse, and if things keep going this way, even the "I only will have internet on my smartphone" won't be an excuse as those will be able to run STO too. :P
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