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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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We'll see.

Still hope for a Galaxy Interior at some point. Decided on skipping the Defiant Interior for now.

Had a bit of tough luck with my STF runs today.

Got disconnected and it didnt let me back into our premade fleet map.
The rest of teh team had to finish with 3 people in the end, but they did. Congrats.

I teamed with Trek88 after that for a PuG run and we had one guy either also disconnect or abandon the team early on and one being afk for some time.
He later returned but might as well have not, because even though he flew a MVAM Prometheus I easily outdamaged him in my Sovereign. He couldn't keep up with the small waves of probes by himself, so I had to do it after I already took over for him dealing with the cubes which one shotted him repeatedly.

The other Prometheus in the match wasnt that good either, so our Sovereign and Excelsior pretty much dominated the run.
Then when we destroyed teh second gate after an eternity I got swarmed by the spheres and exploded and the team just barely destroyed enough probes to prevent a fail.

Donatra took a while , too, we were in no danger of losing at that point, was just a matter of persistance, but the dps and resistance of the escorts must have been going toward zero at that point, because they had so many injuries...

Well, we made it too in the end... yay.. sort of.
Not all Prometheuses are built the same. Perhaps there are only a handful of EMHs running those prommies.

Now my Prometheus on the other hand not only have the state of the art systems, it is also crewed by Starfleet's finest. Nothing short of an elite tactical cube with ghost torps can destroy it. In fact I just completed an elite Kithomer's today. I was destroying the probes and had some spare time left to help out take down a nanite generator or two as well as one of the borg cubes. Poor Donatra, we took him out before he even had a chance to cloak.
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