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To date the only real anomalies are the sudden dramatic promotion of a senior NCO to a LtCmdr and the fact that Shepard is always addressed as "Commander", whether she's a Lieutenant Commander or a Staff Commander. Still, even that is consistent as, for example, Kaiden is only referred to as "Lieutenant", not 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant or Staff Lieutenant. So just going by the dialogue, he could be either one (though officially he was a Staff Lieutenant.)
That's pretty standard in militaries though. Calling a Lieutenant Commander anything other than Commander in conversation is a big faux pas. Same goes for different rates of Lieutenant.
My experience says otherwise, at least as far as the British Army is concerned. Try calling a Staff Sergeant "Sergeant" and prepare to get your head bitten off.

Not that it makes any difference to my original point, which was that the dialogue was consistently ambiguous regarding those ranks.

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The official Bioware forum for this game has been active in the last few days as details of the game's ending were released. It seems that what has been released has divided the community into love it or hate it factions. For myself, if the details are accurate, I think it's the only way the series could have ended.
How about we *not* discuss that, 'kay?
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