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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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And sorry...but Lucy Liu playing a character that is written as a male is indeed 'inauthentic'.
But trivial. I'd say that Watson's intelligence, physical prowess, and competence are far more important to who the character is than the fact that he has a Y chromosome and can grow a moustache. The idea that there's some fundamental, insurmountable difference between characters "written as a male" and characters written as female is outdated, chauvinistic rubbish. There are differences, yes, but we now have tons of female characters in fiction who are more than capable in roles that were once considered exclusively suited for men, whether action hero or brilliant scientist or tough cop or hero's best platonic friend or President of the United States.

But I have a LOT less interest in seeing that than in seeing Nigel Bruce...who I quite enjoyed despite his inability to carry off a frakkin' mini-skirt....which I presume is the primary reason for making Watson into an attractive female.
Now, that's just sexist, assuming that the only relevant trait Lucy Liu has going for her is her looks.

Sad that every frakkin' thing is this country has to be about sex, to the point where the producers of the American version don't have confidence a show will succeed with the male demographic unless it contains beautiful women, short skirts and catsuits. Pity, if we are truly that shallow.
You're ignoring the fact that male actors are cast for their sex appeal too. Come on, look at the current Holmes movie series -- you think Jude Law wasn't cast for his looks? And here's the guy playing Holmes in this pilot, Jonny Lee Miller. I'm not much of a judge of male attractiveness, but he looks to me like someone women would find attractive.

Like I said, half of CBS's audience is female, so it's incredibly naive to think they're only interested in selling sex to heterosexual men. Women have always been a major target demographic for television, since women have traditionally been responsible for a lot of the purchasing decisions in a household. And so TV shows have always tried to make the male characters sexy as well as the female ones. Sure, Lt. Uhura and the yeomen wore miniskirts, but how often did Captain Kirk lose his shirt? And it was Spock who got the overwhelming majority of the fan mail from lovestruck female viewers.

So no, they didn't cast Lucy Liu solely to make male viewers horny. They no doubt cast her because they want the women who make up half their audience to have a strong female lead character they can relate to. Remember that Watson is the viewpoint character of the entire series -- not someone who's looked at from outside, but someone through whose eyes we see the adventures, the everyperson that we identify with. Making that character a woman helps attract women to the show, at least in theory.

Oh...and by the way...Nigel Bruce happens to have been a fine actor. Just because the character was a 'bumbling imbecile' (who, by the way, fans LOVED) doesn't mean he was.
Huh? I never said anything about the actor. I was just saying that the version of Watson he played is drastically revisionist, so if you liked that interpretation, it's a double standard to reject another revisionist interpretation out of hand.
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