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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Zero interest here in watching Lucy Liu as Watson. And I say this as someone who has seen every single Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movie.
I find that ironic, given that Nigel Bruce's version was perhaps the most inauthentic portrayal of Watson ever, taking this brave, stalwart man of action who was intelligent enough to pull off a dual career as a doctor and a published author and reducing him to a bumbling imbecile. I think Ms. Liu is easily capable of playing a far more authentic Watson than Mr. Bruce ever did.

Who said anything about the classic film version being 'authentic'? In fact, I point out my love of them precisely because they ARE 'inauthentic'. And I liked them anyway! While this new inauthentic version (and yes, it is inauthentic), I have no interest in.

And sorry...but Lucy Liu playing a character that is written as a male is indeed 'inauthentic'. But I have a LOT less interest in seeing that than in seeing Nigel Bruce...who I quite enjoyed despite his inability to carry off a frakkin' mini-skirt....which I presume is the primary reason for making Watson into an attractive female.

Sad that every frakkin' thing is this country has to be about sex, to the point where the producers of the American version don't have confidence a show will succeed with the male demographic unless it contains beautiful women, short skirts and catsuits. Pity, if we are truly that shallow.

Oh...and by the way...Nigel Bruce happens to have been a fine actor. Just because the character was a 'bumbling imbecile' (who, by the way, fans LOVED) doesn't mean he was.
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