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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Let's see now..

"How is Janeway sexy.. what a question."

"Let me count the ways.."

She's sexy in the black!

She's sexy in the white!

She's sexy in the blue..

And she's sexy in the night!

She's sexy with her coffee

And she's sexy with a gun..

She's sexy in the future

Set your sexy ray to STUN!

This is my 8000nth post on the BBS, happy birthday to me and thank you to the best thread on the internet!

HAPPY *8000!!!!! (I feel like such a piker at 5128, then again you and HBL pretty much OWNED the part 1 version of this thread! )

You forgot...

"She's sexy in Pink"

"She's sexy in Tan"

"She's sexy with one barefoot, and one shoe in her hand..."

She's even sexy...with a gun inn just her hands.

Or a pattern enhancer.

Do you recall what the Jem hadar were addicted to???

"The White."

What you don't know, is that "The White" was just a chemical distillation of this last photo. (After looking all over the internet for this last week, I find it was in the last thread!)

(I can steal from other posts, I just can't figure out how to do it on my own. )
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