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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished Bioshock: Rapture not long ago. It's pretty good, not great, but interesting. Though the video games provide some information on Rapture's downfall, it was interesting to see more detail about what exactly happened. I found a bit hard to believe so many characters seemed to already be a bit crazy when arriving in Rapture, even though they were insane by the time of the games. I just expected to see rational people going crazy over time. Though, I suppose you'd have to be a little crazy to move to a secret underwater city with an economy based on unregulated capitalism and little to no government, and few laws (no murder or theft allowed). Also, because it's been a few years since I played the games, I kept going online to see what characters looked & sounded like, thus slowing me down in my reading. But that's more my problem than the book's. I was also disappointed none of the information/storyline/characters from the downloadable add on, Minerva's Den, for Bioshock 2 was included in the story. So, overall, it was an enjoyable read, but nothing amazing, with a few missed opportunities.

I'm about to start Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions.
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