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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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For those interested... the calendar for March's releases online is up now...

Not sure what exactly the 'flagship variants' or 'galaxy pack' are going to entail there...
It means the C-store Odyssey and the TNG ship interior, which means I'm going to have to touch up my Galaxy-R in a month.

Also it looks like its not a TNG bundle.
They've just updated it to say "Galaxy Ship Pack", which doesn't really clear much up but could mean it's just a pack containing all of the current tier 5 variants (Galaxy Retrofit, Galaxy-X and Venture) into one bundle.

This would make sense since they're adding saucer separation to the Galaxy-X. No real value to me though.
Sigh, I guess its back to hording C-points until something comes out that I want.
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