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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I quite liked Indiscrtion, but I probably agree that it lost its way as it went on.
Agreed as well. To me the problem, which TheGodBen alludes to above, is that the real meat of the episode (or what should be the main focus with these characters working together) is dispensed with early on in favor of showing that Dukat is "not so bad after all" in a somewhat clumsy and superficial manner.

He is that bad after all, of course. Also not that bad, but, either way, having him sit on a spike doesn't really tell us much. Yes, it is mildy amusing, but so what? It's disappointing that the writers don't try to dig deeper, given the opportunity this episode provides.

This could have been a great episode about the complexities of the Occupation and what the future of Bajoran/Cardassian relations might be like, whereas it ends up being a mediocre episode that sort of tries to rehabilitate Dukat, but doesn't delve deeply enough into the psychology and ideology of the Occupation (or, more to the point, any comparable event from actual human history) to accomplish that with any credibility at all.
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