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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I quite liked Indiscrtion, but I probably agree that it lost its way as it went on. I just love that natural enemies Kira and Dukat have to work together - it provided a brilliant opportunity for the two to discuss things, which was pretty riveting. And Dukat getting a thorn up his arse was hilarious!
That's exactly how I feel about this episode. The way I see it Dukat not killing Ziyal makes things more interesting. Alright in the short-term it would have been good seeing Ziyal be killed by her father (not that Dukat would have lived long afterwards, what with the avengeful Kira) but this episode generates longer term rewards.

Seriously Dukat sparing Ziyal's life shows how even more twisted he is, as there are some things which even he loves (or he thinks he loves), and yet he would kill virtually anyone to move up in the universe. I always think Dukat confuses his loyalties to others with what he thinks is the right thing to do. I dunno... Dukat is one crazily complicated person...
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