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Re: STAR TREK: PHASE II "Kitumba" Sneak Peek

I noticed that there was a new actor playing Spock. I do not make TV. I do not make Fan Films. I do not make movies. I'm just a viewer. I love you guys for doing so much work. You are my ONLY source of fresh Trek, and I hate reruns. JJA did not fulfill my Trek needs. Robert Picardo once summed up what made Trek special to him... and to me. He mentioned that it gave a forum in which ideas and moral issues could be examined. That it was, in that way, like classical theater and writing, not it's modern, "just entertain me and turn my brain to mush" counterparts. That, more than any other reason, is what I love about Trek.

If you meant noticed exactly what scenes were shot when, I wouldn't even think to try to notice that. Phase II usually grips me and carries me though without interrupting my suspension of disbelief. That said, I did do a momentary double-take when I realized there was a new actor playing Spock... then I got back into "enjoy this" mode. I am not trying to pick the frickin thing apart when I watch it. I want to be carried away by the story, and then to think about it AFTERWARD, but not to think about the technical stuff.

Frankly, the quality of Phase II is such that I think the bunch of you should be working for the Smithsonian recreating stuff for their exhibits. You are all national treasures.

So, anyway, I guess I misunderstood the comment.
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