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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ambassador Spock
B is for Best crew in Starfleet
C is for Chocolate (Troi's favorite food)
D is for Damp (What Troi was for most of the TNG episode "Genesis")
E is for Exocomps
F is for Felis catus
G is for Galorndon Core
H is for Huey Helicopter
I is for Infernal Contraption (How McCoy often affectionately referred to the transporter)
J is for Jame Finney. Ben Finney's scary looking daughter.
K is for Klingon High Council
L is for Leeta
M is for Marlena, the Captain's woman
N is for Nuclear wessels
O is for Omega particles. Which Seven of Nine went all gushy over.
P is for Port bow
Q is for Quasar like phenomenon
R is for Romulan Ale
S is for Satarrans
T is for T'Pring
U for Unimatrix Zero
V is for Voyager
W is for Will Decker. Commodore Matt Decker's son and First Officer of the Enterprise in TMP.
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