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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

AMC is picking up 99 Stories.

Since The Walking Dead has proved to be a monster hit, AMC wants to double down on sci-fi with a claustrophobic new horror series dubbed 99 Stories.

The premise will follow a group of strangers stuck in a 99-story skyscraper, with the building itself deciding who lives and who dies.


"Each story presents a different kind of challenge for the group," Seltzer told The Hollywood Reporter. "The elevators are in control of destiny, whittling them out by deciding who they deem deserve[s] to go up."


Christina Wayne, AMC vice president of original series, said the network is aiming for a "cinematic" take on the horror sci-fi genre.

"We want to do original programming that is cinematic and flows seemingly into the films," she said. "This seemed like the perfect fit."
I'll take their word for it that this is sci fi. It could just as easily be supernatural (sentient building? elevators with opinions?)

I remember that pilot being kicked around a few years ago. I thought it sounded cool and was disappointed it didn't go to series - rejected pilots rarely come back from the dead like this. I wonder if AMC would like to take a look at SyFy's Revolution pilot (the one about the space colony, not JJ Abrams' pilot).
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