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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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For those interested... the calendar for March's releases online is up now...

1-19. Cardassian Lock Box
3. Feature Episode 4.4
8. Duty Officer Expansion (C-Store)
10. Feature Episode 4.5 (Finale)
15. Flagship Variants (C-Store)
23. New Event TBA
24. 800-Day Veteran Reward
29. Mugatu Combat Pet (C-Store)
29. Galaxy Pack (C-Store)
Not sure what exactly the 'flagship variants' or 'galaxy pack' are going to entail there... the one that does have me interested is the DOFF expansion... Here's to hoping it's a token that allows you to do more than 20 assignments at a time...

the flagship variants add saucer separation to the Odyssey and Escort combat pets to both the Odyssey and the Bortas
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