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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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^I don't think we need to see every character every episode. I don't think everyone needs a line. (fuck, I even said as much in my last post. How obtuse can someone be?)
I just think it was odd that we didn't see anyone in the background. It's the first time on the farm we haven't seen anyone except those important to the episode. In previous episodes there's always been other members of the cast wandering about. It's not that there aren't many in the background or that one particular person is missing. It's the fact that not one of them is fucking there. Is that clear enough?


Why show a regular in the background and have to pay them for an episode when you don't need them and can save their pay for the week. Remember, the show was under pressure to keep its budget down.
That doesn't really affect his point though. Just because there's a real world reason behind it doesn't fix the problem.
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